QCD: Quark chromo dynamics---as per quantum physics.


QED: Quantum electrodynamics---refer to text.


Q-G PLASMA: Quark gluon plasma a deconstructed baryon or meson rich plasma state which is at such high temperature it prevents the reunification of quarks and gluons from ever forming fermions etc.


QIP: QUANTUM INTEGER PRINCIPLE: ---as per standard quantum physics. This means that energy is emitted in quanta or discreet integer values of particles. QIP is not a law except when it involves electron motion which exhibits the value of one electron joule. The eJ is fully related to the quantum. Because 'electron flow' itself (as well as electron beam emissions will be shown to be in multiples of eJ steps then one eJ will theoretically cause the emission of one quantum of light conditional with PEP.

In the analysis of thermal emissions being caused by other forces, the QIP is found to be a sub derivative of the laws of thermo dynamics and BBR emissions are able to consist of sub-quanta numerical particle values. Refer to the thesis.  


QUANTUM and SUB QUANTUM: You should know already to a perhaps limited degree! G-theory accepts most of the standard model with some startling changes but not so mauch that it threatens the known symmetries etc. However G-theory predicts that there exists particulate sub generational quanta below the level of photons and gauge bosons. Because of enigmas and unanswerables in the mechanics, a more exotic explanation than that which is currently offered by way of wave motion propagation physics is required. Refer to thesis.

Consider a photon which vibrates at a signature frequency: Is it vibrating at that frequency because it has some written wave identity which signifies that type of photon it is; or is it vibrating because of what it contains inside?

Answer: Because complete photon quanta contain the same integer value then they must contain sub particles and so the answer is restricted to the latter: In that case we have to conclude that if a quantum is a defined integer value then in order for photons to exhibit energy differences then they must have proportionally different matter content which is constrained to be sub related to the quantity of the photon bosons which make up a photon quantum number. This means that they all must have a quantum of particles inside but those particles must in turn consist of varying quantities of lower order particles (photon bosons). This must be the facts.

We can tell by spectral data that elements exhibit dark lines in the light spectrum whereby we are able to identify them. This can only mean that those lower order bosons must have definable quantities also and we can call them sub-quanta of some description*. The abrogation of emission at various vibrational frequencies is a function of the elemental atom's relationship with gravity. This is a resonant phenomenon which has fringe harmonics which extend to light frequencies. The dark lines in the spectrum are fringe lines. In this regard the wave function of the photons demonstrates some wave characteristics. However before jumping back to delusions please consider that two vibrating stationary objects will exhibit the same phenomenon without undergoing linear motion so wave motion of photons, emr or QED virtual forces is not a necessary mechanics; just the field limited propagation of the vibrating forces is enough**.

Inside those bosons are even lower generational sub boson particles and again to a lowest order half integer boson with a sub -4 level quantum value. REMEMBER THIS IS VM AND SIZE DOESN'T MATTER! QUANTITY FOR MATTER ENERGY EQUIVALENCE DOES!

OK then what makes all the particles go in to each boson level at the correct quantum value? Answer: 'Energy' level and parity differential caused quantum force. OK again: What then makes the required number of quanta at each level go in at all? Answer: Sub fermion particle pressure SFP. (refer to thesis)

The various color charge quarks act as portals for the various generational level particles being conditionally emitted or received from/to the cosmean femtospace. The QIP arbiter of the quanta is time and Q-L pressure which provides force by the simple equation E=Ft (proven in the thesis). This occurs just like a timed jet of water as an accurate spurt of particles into the photos from the bottom quark or emr particles from the charm quark or BBR via the top quark. This converts analogue data to digital data.

The time period is dictated by the laws of thermodynamics relative to the temperature differential of disparity (being the Boltzmann constant of proportionality) which decrees the timing of the PEP which relates to external energy inputs to the atom either electrically by ohms law E=Pt or mechanically by Newton's law E=mv. The time duration determines either Photonic emissions or BBR conditional upon PEP constraints. The ejection force is by CMF which is a cosmean reality that is constantly reading the energy states of the universe via the eos, BBR, gravity and light receptions.

OK then what causes the photons to vibrate at different frequencies? Answer: If you refer to the explanation of neutrino flavors you will notice that frequency is related to matter content and gravity. The more particles residing in a photon (or other particle) the more perturbation from gravitons is experienced. This causes the photon to ring at a resonant frequency physically related to the particle density of the sub -2 quantum bosons with an amplitude being related to the sub -3 quantum bosons. When none of either of those boson groups remain, the photon undergoes annihilation and goes out. This means that some emitted photons may annihilate immediately upon emission.

The sub -4 quantum bosons have no affect on the frequency or amplitude. They are gravitons which likely maintain a frequency of one universe wavelength regardless of the size of the universe. So their deliverable energy is exclusively by loss of amplitude due to sub -4.5 quantum particle attrition.

We are still able to use E=hf but we must now recognize that it is only a gravity relative constant as per the particle energy equations herein.

*Simplistic wave physics cannot account for spectral lines. If we lived in a non entropic perfect universe then all the colors of a rainbow would be sharply delineated.

**From this we are able to conclude that virtual forces are able to travel in a wavelike manner without the need for a propagation medium because they are definitely massless as well as matter less. They are cosmean forces and not energy which is only produced when a resulting motion is affected.


We need to uncover a theorized and empirical mechanics for the operation of PEP and the timing of quantum filling. Note: the following is theoretical and considers a perfect conductor. In the real world, losses and imperfection are the case. However the phenomenology is the same and it would only be some of the results calculated which would need to be de-rated. Actual observations related to the cross sectional area of conductors and conductivity etc come into play and the true results are calculable but that is not within the scope of this thesis.

We must consider that both Fermi states and PEP have a conditional role as an emission determinant by quantum state electron orbital control whenever an atom is perturbed by any force whether mechanical, electrical or other which causes enough alteration to the QED field. Such nucleon electron collusion is able to allow the emission of a photon by reason of allowing an orbital electron to drop down an energy level (and if necessary take on a different spin moment). We will ignore photon reception for the moment.

Now we are able to analyze the electrical case because we have firmly related QIP/PEP to ohms law in the thesis. In that case any conductor can be visualized as consisting of multiples of strings of 'n' atoms in a line. This 'n' is actually a coulomb number of atoms and the string of conductive atoms has a resistance of one ohm so when an electron flow occurs over one second we have notional energy by P (watt-sec)=VI.sec. For that to occur we discovered that V is one volt and the energy is IeJ.

So from this we can calculate the energy used to cause the emission (or inter-nuclear transfer) of one photon from one atom in the conductor when 'I' per atom per second is one electron so P (watt-sec) =1 x 1.602176565e-19 = 1e-watt-sec, or 1eJ being 1.602176565e-19J.

Now; the total energy in an emitted x-ray photon has been calculated herein to be Et=6.626e-16J (less for other photons).

We can recognize that an x-ray photon would be jam-packed with the highest quantity of particles, but we are also to understand that if there are insufficient force applications over the required time that lesser photons will be emitted including impotent photons. We need to discover what that quantum relevant time frame is and where it derives from.

If we divide the energy of the x-ray photon by an electron joule we will discover the number of force inputs of 1eJ required during the time frame for such an emission to occur. Note: X-ray emission could not occur in a conductor because the required electron force applications is being shared by too many atoms in any statistical evaluation and it must also be concluded that at one watt per second in any conductor of one ohm that statistically very few (if any) photons would be emitted, because of losses by BBR.

The number of unit electron QED forces require for x-ray emission (nf) is---


nf= 6.626e-16/ 1.602176565e-19

=1835 approx


In the case of electrical current that would be considered to be too much to expect because of Fermi restrictions etc. but not in the case of focused electron beams striking atomic mater.

We can see that the matter energy to be emitted in this process is equivalent to 1835 electron QED perturbative energies. This matter (packet filling/s) must be performed over quantum stepped time. So we now appreciate a rate (or rates) of filling over a defined time period such that quantum number = rate x time. The question is which are variables? Is one a constant?

Now PEP law (which fundamentally applies to electron orbitals) states that no two identical fermions in a quantum system are able to be in the same quantum (spin) state at the same time, so from this we gather that it takes some calculable time period (pt) by---


pt =1sec/6.24150965e18

 =1.60218e-19 sec time window to complete the task of getting the fermions in the right state for the condition of quantum 'packet' filling to occur.

Now we must also ask; is this time period derived from the time it takes electrons to jump orbitals or is it derived from the quarks taking time to pass the required bosons etc to form quantum (and sub) packets? Answer: It is caused by the wave function of the signature phononic oscillation relating to any given conductive elemental atom and that is all.

The function of the quark lattice is to realign its quark dipoles and conform to the QED required states which facilitates the performance the emission function. That is a phenomenon which defies analytical understanding for this theorist. I believe it is a trans-dimensional switching function performed by gauge bosons based on the phononic data. Anyone?

Leaving that aside; the forensic analysis at this point leaves me to consider that the time is a fixed constant per elemental atom per color charge state (parity temperature state).

This means that the true color of the photon is only otherwise determined by the number of electron force applications during the critical time window. This means that photon color is notionally related to the actual QED energy input into any given atom, which is the standard and intuitive notion.

Conclusion: Light color is related to atomic phononic resonance and energy input relative to parity disproportionality according to the Boltzmann constant of proportionality. Note: such parity disproportionality was considered to be the case in the previous exercise because of the introduction of electron energies. Of course if the energy state was deemed to be disproportionate in the reverse direction then an atom would be receptive to photons. If parity was observed then no emission or reception would be possible. That is only ever likely to be a fleeting transitive state within our universe.


RAMATON: This is a particle which consists of various combinations of magnetons and radions. It is the propagated particle consistent with electrometric radiation. It consists of charge and magnetic dipole particles. (Boson identification is provided in the thesis--- below ditto)


RADION: A dimensionally shifted fully biracial gamma particle (conditional magnetic dipole).


RELATIVITY, RELATIVISTIC: Refer to context within the thesis. Often used instead of the word magic to explain away any prickly problem whenever any other physical phenomenon is unknown or subjectively unacceptable.


REST STATE: state of 'actual' motionlessness relative to spatial displacement above absolute zero. See 'Stationary'. Rest state is often relative to a perceived reference frame of motion. A definitive rest state is not achievable within the universe.


SBF: Strong binding force (nuclear): self explanatory.


SINGULARITY: Of black holes; which by this theory it is not necessarily seen to be a point of divergence to infinite density where time stops as in standard theories. Rather the complete black hole contained within the event horizon is a lower energy state of cosmean matter which is likely to be slightly above zero k. A shocking contention of G-theory is that similar to a quark lattice cosmean femtospace, black holes have zero 'mass' and they don't emit gravity. By way of an equally shocking controversial contention G-theory declares (in accordance with the observed invisibility of black holes that light from background stars passes unperturbedly and also unperturbatively right through them yet the can't emit light or radiation of any description simply because they have lost universal mechanics capability. Emissions require the correct interface which is provided within nucleons by the quark lattice. Quarks may be significant players in superluminal flare mechanics. Refer to the thesis.


SUB-PARTICLES: sub bosons; magneton, gluon, neutrino, trion and Higg's boson. These are (with the exception of the Higgs boson) biracial -matter and force- sub particles which are the constituent sub-particles of all greater forms of matter including the graviton and the photon. The Higg's is always a uniracial combination of matter and antimatter but without fundamental or electrostatic charge. The statistical regime of its existence would likely be high at tree per nucleon. It can only exist as part of another structure, itself existing with high population density in other relevant particles and when free it annihilates extremely quickly.


SUBSTANCE: Any object/s of matter.


SKEW: There are three effects that can distort human observation of the universe which can therefore lead to errors in observational conclusions. These are time skew, non linearity skew and observational phenomena equality skew. Note: At this juncture you will be required to leave your revered bust of Einstein over in the corner with your star-gate, warp drive and time machine, and take a step back and analyze some real science.

Time skew is the observational skew caused by the delay in observational data coming from distant sources because of finite media velocity I.e. light.

Non linearity skew is caused by observing possible non linear data from narrow time 'slots' such as our few-hundred-year observational and measurement window here on earth, and the thoughtless consideration of this as being sufficient evidence from which to derive hard facts. This skew is caused by utilizing the scientifically invalid method of extrapolation from limited data. I will give an example to prove the point.

Let's say that you are sitting in a room full of flies and you are facing an open doorway. It must be considered that the world outside the door way is unknown, and sight is the only sense available to you, and as you watch you presently observe the curving path of a ball traveling past the doorway.

As groups of flies interrupt your sight of the ball as it moves past you are able to fill in the gaps by interpolation which we should all agree is a valid although sometimes inaccurate scientific tool.

The propensity for humans to go a step further and extrapolate is legendary. Many movie special effects utilize that particular human trait. In the case of our ball we might assume that it is bouncing past; however we have no idea about when it began bouncing or even how far it's going to continue bouncing for. Perhaps it was just thrown across the doorway to a catcher on the other side. It may have even been bounced angling down against an unseen wall. OK enough of the possibilities. This example just goes to show that extrapolation from a narrow window of observance becomes more proportionally prone to error by non linearity skew.

With regard to the realm of time we should consider the relative narrowness of the observational time window in comparison with the expected overall time period being envisaged. In the universal sense and because of the vast time period being imagined we would be foolish to assume a constancy of anything at all from such extrapolation, either forward into the future or in interpretations of the past, especially when considering the tiny window of just hundreds of years of accurate observances.

Even evidence from longer time scales obtained by geological observances of the earth etc. quite plainly show that this tiny window of stability we have been enjoying during the span of human existence is actually anomalous and this then puts such extrapolations into the insane basket.

 The third skew is based on the assumption that all processes that we observe to have occurred in the universe have occurred under the same relative conditions of 'physics' that we currently observe in our own corner of the universe at the present moment. I.e. The assumption, whether rational or not, that gravity is/was the same out there as it is/was here now, and for another instance that the speed of light has always been the same. This kind of presumptive thinking is actually related to the above.


SPIN: Quantum states. Refer to thesis.


SPIN v rotation/vibration: For the classical definition refer to quantum physics literature.

In G-theory sub particle spin is determined by the angular displacement of a particle's decay products. This would be considered as being reflective of the particles geometric state. A spin zero particle is considered to be a low order complex particle with in line symmetry and it's component parts will decay in opposite directions. This only applies to one particle; I.e. the meson or in another VM state--- the Higg's boson.* A meson might decay to a spin half lepton like a muon. A spin 1 particle is a gamma particle which only has a half a magnetic dipole or monopole (non active). A Spin half particle is likely to be a particle which is perhaps leptonic or fermionic with 180o opposed magnetic dipole alignments and calculating or even estimating the spin of higher generational particles is likely to be an exercise in futility.

*The balanced Higg's carries no force. Its ½ spin decay products do.


Likewise under G-theory the actual notion of rotational spin is doubtful and magnetic dipole moments are not thought to be caused by rotation or angular momentum. However whether a particle is vibrating the case remains the same for any quantum particle singularly existing in space. Under the current paradigm the only way a particle is able to maintain vibration and or angular or quantum spin is by perpetual motion mechanics. This violates the third law of thermodynamics and 'magic' would necessarily be involved.

Any non fermion sub quantum particle existing or traveling in space would therefore be considered to lose energy and hence its vibration. G-theory proposes a method by which light is able to maintain the vibration component of its photons.

In the Bohr quantum mechanics model it is declared that a level of uncertainty always exists about the actual instantaneous position of any electron in an orbital. It also declares that the spin moment of any electron is unknowable and that the act of attempting to measure its spin actually changes it.

If you refer to the diagrams of the fermions (including that of the electron) in the thesis you will notice that they all contain a magnetic dipole and an electrostatic charge.

In the case of an electron for instance it can be noticed that it is able to be aligned to any magnetic field line as well as become attracted or repelled by columbic forces. This means that the vibration orientation of an electron can be known if its position around the nucleus is known relative to the nuclear magnetic field. In certain instances it will be shown that this is indeed able to be achieved.

I will be dealing with spin in the thesis and showing that G-theory is able to account for Dirac spin statistics.

Entanglement (or interlocution in the case of whole atoms) is known to be able to occur with electrons*. When this occurs it is readily apparent that when two electrons are brought as close as their coulombic repulsion will allow that if one of their magnetic dipoles is oriented an any direction whatsoever then the other dipole will always be exactly opposite. If you flip one then the other will also flip back.

Now this is not as mysterious as quantum physics would have you believe. In fact such a phenomenon is able to be observed in the macro universe with two bar magnets separated by a sheet of plastic. I'll let you figure out the rest.

The truly mysterious phenomenon associated with entanglement is in the ability of two electrons or atoms to remain connected across vast distances of space. A reasonably plausible explanation of the likely mechanics of this is contained in the thesis.

When an electron is within an atomic orbital, entanglement would be unable to occur, and also when any one of the entangled quantum particles come into near field proximity with any other fermions the entanglement will be lost.

An electron is proposed to sympathetically vibrate and move by aligning itself with the nuclear 'g' and form factors (nuclear electromagnetic field) within the know constrictions of the physics. These nuclear factors are always vibrating and und undergoing eigenspace reorientations at very high frequencies, and an electron will (elastically) follow suit.

It must be understood that half of the electrons will be orientated in opposite vector related positions to a virtual linear reference line than the other half. This is not caused by any uncertainty principle which would be the case for a 1H atom; it is simply a necessary function of the electromagnetic field surrounding the nucleus in an unaffected atom interacting with the fields and coulombic forces of the electrons.

Whenever any attempt to measure the 'spin' of an electron say, is undertaken then the electromagnetic field of the measuring equipment will affect the vibration or spin of the electron and so cause the measurement to be meaningless.

*Refer to the definition of entanglement.



STATIONARY: State of 'relative' spatial motionlessness. Nothing is really able to be determined to be stationary because our whole solar system is traveling through the universe in the region of 250km/s and our earth is rotating and orbiting at the same time. This means that a real world object has more and varying kinetic energy than an actual stationary (rest state) object has. This also makes the term 'rest state' a misnomer.

However on the surface of the earth if an object is observed to be not moving relative to our environment it may be considered to be motionless. This declares that nothing in our world is at rest state, and if all energy is concluded to be the same 'stuff', then the condition known as ground state could not exist on earth either*, and by E=mc2 The Bose Einstein condensate temperature (and even lower) could never be reached here. The fact that this temperature has been reached therefore, causes problems for the previously indicated false notion of all energy being equal, as well as the whole notion of kinetic energy.

*See ground state definition, and refer elsewhere in these books for my assertion that kinetic energy is a relative energy between two objects that are in collision. Both always share the supposed kinetic energy and it is never just one of them carrying it. Kinetic energy is just a concept used for purposes of explanation and mathematical simplicity. This is an important premise for the G-theory corrections of other energy related problems associated with contemporary physics.


STUFF: Everything subjectively imaginable except absolutely nothing.


TBE: Means 'To be explained or examined in detail'.


TEMPERATURE: A concept which is relatable to a defined point of reality I.e. ground state, room temperature, the freezing point of water at standard pressure, conditions at the event horizon of a black hole etc. It is a comparative measurement by the motion of energy particles but such measurement does not truly indicate the energy content of the object being measured. Such content is masked by many phenomenon described in the thesis. Just one is the thermal conductivity of the object being measured; another is relative kinetic energy.

Temperature is the measure of the particle density in atoms relative to ground state of emptiness and the BST state of complete fullness. This massive difference in the quantity of resident particles within atoms doesn't contribute to the mass of the atom to any proportional degree. Excuse the pun.


TINES: 'Time-lines' of the photos are straight line singularly isolatable branes which carry photons at a finite yet objectively variable velocity called 'c' under the control of an unknown force which permanently exists as a function of the eos. A photon will always emit to the tine in the direction of its formation.


TRION: The lowest generational level of massive sub particles of which all higher generational biracial matter consists. A trion's size is above that of neutrinos, and is typified by gluons. A trion is thought to be a major contributor to BBR and the major elemental building block of matter; which may also be the fundamental component of some force fields, in which case the idea of fictitious forces is removed from scientific conjecture. Its singular non perturbative scalar vacuum modifying dimensional presence outside of higher generational matter is either in the eos or the gravitos depending on the source of emission being by BBR or from gravitons respectively.

Regardless of their genesis they are always able to be absorbed by nucleons that they collide with.

The phenomenology of trion biracial force is inconsistent and diametrically opposed to Mister Higg's idea of spontaneous symmetry breaking of his bosons to allow them to gather 'mass particles' or be replaced by Higgs from the Higg's field or whatever*, which then become lower order level of particles that are left open for discovery. Perhaps these would have to be the vacuum particles envisaged to be the vacuum modifiers in Einstein's 'on again off again' cosmological constant.

*Higgs might fly!


If a trion is proposed to exist as even I theorize, it must be considered to be an indestructible and indivisible lowest generational order inelastic particle which is conditionally massless, has an elementary biracial charge of 0, no electrostatic charge and zero magnetic dipole and spin one. Only whilst in the eos, it is able under those conditions to move instantaneously when acted on by a biracial force *.

A trion is a particle that cannot carry kinetic energy but it is able to be transferred as a component of BBR energy for temperature (by zeroeth law) and virtual force applications where it acts only as an energy transporter as a force particle but it would be considered to be non perturbative in the eos and is not individually or directly responsible for gravity 'mass' or motion only as a spin 1 biracial gluon which has zero elementary or electrostatic charge and is considered to usually be inseparable from its symmetry antiparticle. Note: See the CERN reference on page 324.

*Instantaneity is impossible in the higher order universe in other dimensions where particles are endued with 'mass'.


A trion if it as able to exist alone may be considered to be the only existent massless particle; one which is virtual yet still a carrier of biracial force as a gluon and as a gluon it has mass that may never be observed* unless it is bound. An unbound gluon would be considered to be just as massless.

None of a trion's inter-dimensional activities are subject to the laws of motion but upon bonding from neutrinos to form a gluon such activities are translatable to the actual physical 'mass'** and motions in the universe because a bonded biracial pair is fundamentally the cause of 'mass' as well as intuitively, greater generational matter. When combined as universal matter, the biracial pair becomes a gluon. Note: singular biracial trion particles are not thought to be able to exist alone for very long in the cosmean/universe.

*The method by which force can be propagated without 'mass' being realized and without defying the laws of physics will be discovered. It basically has to do with the law that states that "any phenomenon which is directly responsible for the derivation of a law is not itself counter-subject to that law". If 'mass' is just a force then yes a gluon can have 'mass' but any idea of one going around carrying 'mass' as some physical substance would be ludicrous. However the constituent bosons that make up a gluon are unable to have their P-mass calculated because they are not symmetrically bound.

Many physicists consider the laws of physics to be causative of universal behavior when in reality they are derived from universal observations which are largely and presumptuously made from their elevated seat in the universal amphitheatre.

**By being separated by the cosmean brane (which is required to be infinite), and being causative of 'mass', the gluon is not in any way responsive to our observance of spatial displacement as even being an existential reality. This is because by reason of the infiniteness of the 'cosmean brane', all points and times in space are recognized as being the same for mass considerations which consequently reflects to higher order objects. This leads to the recognition of the concept of 'stationary' and 'momentum' being effectively the same thing under all considerations of 'mass' in physics.


UNIVERSE: The encapsulation of the visible interactive physical realm in which humans have existence.


VACUUM MODIFICATION (VM) (including polarization): This is where the intricacies of the theory are analyzed at the quantum level and below.

In standard physics it may appear that a W boson and other greater sub particles might be thought to exist of other smaller sub particles such as neutrinos and gluons. However this idea is fraught with problems not the least of which is the mass dilemma.

In G-theory all the fundamental particles and their biracial twins are actually the same particle the trion configured as both spatially adjacent or diverse particles and also simultaneously space time congruent in a multiplex manner.

This is space time co-existenec in a vacuum modified manner similar but more complex to vacuum polarization, which as the word suggests is limited to two dimensions of vacuum. In G-theory however ther are several dimensions of the vacuum.

Particles within a quark lattice don't exit the lattice in a spatial displacement manner. In fact many are likely co-existent so in effect they are able to morph or 'shape shift' into other particles. In this manner they are able to 'shift register' themselves along say an EWF Higgs superstruct to the Zo boson say.

The last particle may be deemed to emit a neutrion or photon packet when in actual gfact such particles simply abeyed the laws of vacuum modification and -in a subjective manner similar to electron flow in a conductor- a particle can be perceived to have been motivated to disappear from one place and reappear at the other as though it had traveled spatially. In actual fact it has but then again--- paradoxically it didn't.

We need to understand clearly that at some point the multiplex physics is constrained to adhere to the laws of our three plus one dimensional physical universe. No law prevents this VM phenomena which occurs outside the quark lattice at the EWF Higg's superstruct which itself has physical dimensions yet the particles which make up its structure are all the same type of elemental particle existing in different space delineations but conditionally varying vacuum multiplex states.

They are following a stringent pattern set in stone by apriori cosmean law. When in different dimensions they appear to have different masses and by that reason alone they are labeled in the standard theory with different names.

They only have differing masses because of different applications of cosmean forces which we call fundamental force so they can be any particles and are only the particle we name them when they are observed and their energies* (so called) become determinable. Of course there is a statistical pattern which should be able to be thrashed out some day but the salient point here it that it is necessary for all the vacuum modifications to obey the laws of thermodynamics etc.

This is the very reason why some particles become emitted from certain interaction. I.e. to satisfy, momentum, conservation, symmetry** and parity laws which we find actually have a circulating path around the universe cosmean loop.  (Refer to thesis.)

*The particle energies are actually thought to have a relationship with their multiplex states and NOT THEIR MASS which is mostly force perturbatively derived and which conditionally bears little if any relationship with classical mass.

When it comes down to describing particle behaviour it is necessary to describe it from the dimensions of the greater world we live in but all the while we should try and understand the amazing difference between the behavioral characteristics of the two worlds. They are truly worlds apart. Try doing that as you read the description and phenomenology applicable to the Zo boson in the next definition.

**Symmetry isn't necessary for the G-theory model. Even though it will mostly be observed. In some cases it is not, and that is a serious problem for the standard model.



Z-BOSON: Theorized to be a vacuum modified zero charge elastic biracial particle possessing cross-brane perturbative interconnectivity between gluons and quark lattice mesons with the Zo boson having special association with the cosmean brane to form part of the Higg's superstruct which is the main deriver of atomic mass. This boson (along with the W and not-W (bar-over) boson is mediatory of the ultra weak force that holds nucleons together as a fairly stable entity but one which allows a nucleon to exhibit elasticity and vibrational characteristics per se.

It has a direct vacuum connection with the cosmean femtospace via its brane via which neutrino scattering and or photon packet emission occurs. Not surprisingly it is also the point of the source of Newtonian inertial mass.

If a weak force is overcome by external forces then nucleon decay is inevitable.

The standard Z boson has nothing at all to do with electromagnetism so it doesn't need to have the 'mass' it has been theoretically conferred with, as calculated by E=mc2. This required 'mass' (under the current paradigm) is equal to the sum of the 'masses' of every particle within a whole atom. While I'm at it; a top quark has the mass of a whole silver atom. That's ridiculous in the standard sense; and I intend to conclusively show that E=mc2 is a flawed equation, as is its lovechild the electron volt. Surely such quark masses are model threatening when applied to the current understanding of quantum physics.

Collision mechanics in particle colliders show the decay products of a Z-boson to be a biracial pair of muons. This must be a false or incomplete interpretation of observations otherwise one of these muons when biracially bound with a W-Boson across brane from a mirrored anti-pairing would be considered to be a Higg's boson and that muonic state would then disbar it from hadrons which is not an acceptable outcome for that theory.

If we understand that they are all just VM multiplex arrangements of the same particles then such problems become solved.