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THE ROLE OF THE FUNDAMENTAL BIRACIAL IMBALANCE CHARGE FORCE--- in the creation of the higher level and measurable forms of ELECTROSTATIC CHARGE, MAGNETISM, FORCE, and 'ENERGY' TRANSFER and the near to far field non-local-correlation* of both PHOTONIC/ELECTRONIC attraction and PHOTONIC/PROTONIC entanglement phenomenology.

*Force from afar: Refer also to entanglement and interlocution.


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As far as our biracial cosmo-universe is concerned, biracial balance is eagerly sought. Matter and antimatter would combine in an instant; given the chance. Whether that would end up in annihilation or a simple default to matter, and whether or not any 'energy' emissions would ensue is a hotly argued subject that I will leave to the pundits for the moment.

Of all the atoms and isotopes in the periodic table; the hydrogen 1H atom is the most biracially volatile atom of all. This is because, if you strip away and ignore its electron it will be observed to have the full biracial imbalance charge of +1 which because it consists of only a single proton it then has the highest charge per unit AMO matter density (CPMD). This high but offset charge is also proportionally associated with it when bonded with other atoms by its sole electron which while being able to ameliorate it somewhat, is unable to balance the charge while in the orbital because of spatial deformation of the whole atomic radius and the spatial motion and quantum statistical states of the electron. Hydrogen is therefore seen to be a prime contributor to chemically induced electric charge processes including the bilateral charge in a water molecule.

The reason water exhibits some strange properties is because of this lopsided CPMD causing the known modified angles of bonding arrangement of hydrogen atoms in the water molecule. However I digress.

Within the atom (all atoms), quark and magnetic dipole positioning and the quark summative g-factor is caused by the biracial balance within a multi-dimensional framework. The dimensional character of the atoms is caused by the gluon positioning due to space filling parameters and the resulting vacuum modification. This leads us to once again consider the amazing conclusion that the properties of matter are mostly caused by space filling geometry, and thus the elements are like they are, and we've got what we've got without any metaphysical reason!

If electrostatic charge 'V' is a physical reflection of biracial charge (no V sign) then it stands to reason that lightening is the net result of strong biracial imbalance (BI), and it is actually a matter/anti-matter balancing event* which is enabled due to the initial ionization of the 'arc' path causing a sufficient elevation of temperature which banishes the eos 'out the window', and then simultaneous biracial collisions are able to occur. This is why lightening is strikingly powerful. (pun intended) Matter colliding with anti-matter is likely to be considered to be far more 'energetic' than the mere ionic transmission of charged particles whether elections or whole ion or whatever. Note: The matter/antimatter doesn't just disappear it is transferred via the eos as previously noted and there is no injury done to the relevant laws of 'energy'. Of course it is obvious that as well as the obvious charge and magnetic fields--- photon, electron, negatron and ramaton (radio) emissions among many others are results.

*Mostly by positron-electron and other biracial particle annihilation and not total matter annihilation.


I would consider that during the strike some electrons would be dimensionally shifted by vacuum polarization into the charge-field dimension because of nucleon space filling distortions and beta decays in the ionized atoms. This could even cause beta plus decay into neutrons, which would rapidly recombine with protons and electrons to form hydrogen, ozone, tritium, and water molecules of various isotopic descriptions. The idea by others that electrical arcs may also cause B+ decay should perhaps not go unnoticed.

There is a strong likelihood that lightening plasms; and produces an affect similar to synchrotron radiation which would then include the emission of negatrons and x-rays without the need for undulators but the big proof for the existence of biracial matter recombination is the fact that lightening emits measurable amounts of GAMMA photon radiation, especially from big 'crackers'. This must come from somewhere and nucleon destruction is not considered to be the source by common consensus. It must be due to electron annihilation.

High altitude flumes of various descriptions over the top of large strikes can be visibly observed from a distance and are thought by some to be accelerated particles. By G-theory the only non nucleon particles that are able to emit visible light are negatrons -from electron annihilations just mentioned*- which consist of a false baryon, The idea that lightening produces 'light' plasma and negatrons is now supportive of the previously postulated synchrotron and other accelerator type mechanics being involved.

*Refer to the Synchrotron mechanics article in the previous chapter.


If a proton is left alone in deep cold space, it will rapidly emit matter as 'energy' in the form of BBR and photons, and because (biracially speaking and not coulombic) the proton is matter positive. It could also send out a matter positive  gamma particle or two. Without BBR, graviton or photon particle replenishment it will soon devoid itself of all matter except perhaps its base level graviton cosmean femtospace until it reaches as close to zero k as it can get.

 In the real world at STP; other constraints -not the least being gravity- prevent this occurrence and stable hydrogen ions are readily available to become the major cause of atmospheric electrical charges because of their relatively high CPMD and a much-much stronger resistance than electrons to annihilation. In fact protons are known to be extremely long-lived.

Extreme near-field to proximity-field biracial imbalance (BI) is thought likely to be responsible for magnetism through the BI of w-bosons, while 'near-field to proximity field BI' of quarks is thought responsible for electrostatic charge. External forces are able to affect those BIs resulting in motion relative changes and heat 'energy' release and a consequential rise in temperature.

Whenever a BI is of sufficient value to cause the displacement of a graviton value of bosons then--- a sub quantum value of force has been realized--- as a sub quantum value of motion--- which is a relative sub quantum value of 'energy' per Planck. Note: If you include the gluon then a graviton has the same boson number as a uniracial gamma photon.

The photon to proton entanglement force is mediated by the weak force via Z-bosons to the Q-L*. This is subjectively treated as an extreme near-field force. The photon to electron attractive force is almost inconsequential in the extreme to near field range but paradoxically it may extend long distances from massive bodies by the combined effect of trillions and trillions of fermions. This could only be dimensionally facilitated and could explain the 'bending' of light beams around universal bodies, rather than by gravity. However this is phenomenologically not out of the question and it shouldn't be seen as support for relativity when G-theory can accommodate the same.

*Z bosons, like gluons are not 'BI' but their antiparticles remain dimensionally separated. There should be a law similar to PEP which states that no two Z bosons can exist in the same dimension within any quantum particle unless they are held separate by the branes of quarks, gluons and/or neutrinos. This is similar to what we can consider to be the case within a decayed uniracial gamma particle. The Z boson force affect is considered to be trans-dimensional, similar to a neutrino. I find myself unable to form a sustainable opinion regarding the likely physical construct of a Z boson or whether it is an actual non transformable particle or not. If they are to be considered to be unchangeable particles I suspect that Z-bosons may have been formed (in the pre universe cosmea as well as (perhaps with grave doubts) later on during nucleosynthesis as well as during high 'energy' particle collisions) as the by product of the annihilation of two W boson anti-pairs with biracial neutrino emissions.

 This means that long before protons, electrons and then gamma particles may end their lives with that outcome.  Recombination of particles (quantum loop) to form new fermions is not considered to be possible in the universe. The Z boson would likely eventually decay -or extremely rapidly outside the nucleus- to trions in this decay scenario. These would then be scavenged by the eos/gravitos and returned to a nucleon's femtospace via either, BBR, gravity or biracial force.  The former also includes thermal photon particles and (trions). Note: 'Energy' is still the act and not measure of matter in motion. That's temperature.

This further declares that matter in the universe is constantly being converted to 'notional energy' and we would see a build up of temperature if it wasn't for timely losses to the cosmea which should continue to balance this out for the foreseeable future. This function is performed by light and more significantly gravity. Here is the real 'quantum loop'.

If anyone holds out hope for a quantum loop which converts the entropy of fermion to bosons to gravity or dark matter/'energy' to trions back to fermions etc again. Don't hold your breath. For the Higg's boson to be responsible for such an unlikely outcome; is just as unlikely. There can't even be any such thing as 'energy' conservation in a non-closed universe! Entropy rules. So self creation or fermion/lepton reconstitution in the universe is a ludicrous concept and the laws of thermodynamics need to be re-studied.







Apart from the refuted conceptualization of virtual particles, one of the greatest dilemmas facing physics is -in my opinion- the idea of virtual forces unassociated with particles and especially forces over distance. Can virtual force exist? If it does how can it result in virtual 'energy' which can transfer to; and even result in matter emission and motion changes in objects? If the force is virtual then surely the energy is virtual--- so how does that relate to the laws of thermodynamics?

The answer to these questions to a large extent remain open. So this isn't the theory of everything after all. Not really; that's just a scientific colloquialism. There are some things we will never understand and we wouldn't want to put ourselves out of a job would we?

Virtual forces are just a force in motion; not propagation. The only necessary matter involvement is that the motion of particles causes a force which transfers a component of that motion to other particles as an attractive or repulsive force but not necessarily resulting in the same kind of 'energy'. There is no necessity for a collision or transfer of particles just perturbation and this is where the idea of virtual comes from. It really means--- no touching.

If you understand that an electrical transformer has no moving parts of any description, yet it is known to transfer 'energy' without the transfer of matter (including mass in quantum physics) then you are faced with the conclusion of the existence of some magical and virtual force which is somehow able to cause the motion of electrons on the secondary side of the transformer.

You know what force we are alluding to and you might be able to scientifically accept the probability of that being the case without further ado, but it gets worse! This process often results in the emission of matter/'mass'/'energy' seemingly WITHOUT compliance with the law of the conservation of 'energy' because there seems to be NO conceivable 'energy' return path. Where is the return path? Where is the return path for 'energy' balance in radio transmission and reception to outer space for instance? We have found the gravitational return path for photonic emissions as well as the mechanics of BBR via the eos/vacuum, but both of these are either slow or conditionally limited. But the return doesn't have to be instantaneous for parity to be expected so I suggest that emr also creates gravitons.

Traditionally physics simply ignores the dilemma and if they did address it the answer would be along the lines of: "With all that's going on out there, the balance will be met by default (magic?)".  I can sort of accept that in the case of the radio transmissions but with transformer phenomenology I must however address the problem, and you may consider the implications of my conclusion with regard to your evaluation of G-theory.

I also find it hard to live with an idea of the seemingly physics contradicting 'virtual forces' apart from the perturbative multi-dimensional virtual forces which I have already explained. So I must explore the idea that the work of all other force is the domain of sub or even lower fundamental particles down to the only particle verging at the edge of 'virtual force': The trion particle which is biracial and multi-dimensional. Note: Even the transmission of the SBF is thought to be by the agency of particles called pions.

This of course means that forces which operate at a higher level than fundamental force-fields (such as biracial and coulombic) of any description might be reckoned to actually consist of dimensionally constrained 'somethings' which can only be labeled as matter when in biracial combination with the necessary dimensional brane separation. By being matter the particles responsible for such force would then be able to be transferred and reconstituted to conditionally form greater bosons and quantum packets at the nucleon level.

The otherwise magical charge (actually particle*) return would have to be by way of the eos to gravitons and over time nucleons and; photons, albeit with graviton and photon induced losses, which works well in consideration of the 'energy' return requirement for radio emissions**. These losses (which are relative to any energy transmitting phenomenology) account for the proportional loss of efficiency with increasing temperature, and they also cause degradation in the degree of 'energy' return as well as delays in the speed to probably 'y-1/c2' which isn't much but it could potentially causes a delayed reflective result which is then noticed by the degeneration of power v frequency in our world.

*This would predicate that a photon would have to actually be a quantum value of particles and not just a quantum level wave.

**What I am beginning to propose here is a candidate or two for the so called 'dark 'energy' requirement of the universe.


This phenomenology does occur to some degree but we are still left with the possibility of matter-less virtual forces. In the case of the transformer, we must consider that force is being applied and 'energy' is being used because work is being done. Where is the force particle return path? After all, electrons in the primary are somehow causing electrons in the secondary to move. There is no physical connection yet 'energy' is supposedly being transferred across an air (or vacuum) gap.

In G-theory this would be by the transmission of virtual near field forces. There doesn't have to be a particle return path, because the forward operation of the currently recognized 'virtual' force of magnetism is retroacted by a simple phenomenon called 'back emf' (Lenz).

The 'virtual' force of magnetism caused by the motion of electrons in the primary does cause the electrons in the secondary to move but at the same time the back emf causes bosons to be transferred via 'phonon' (not photon) phenomenology back to the positive flow of the bucket brigade phenomenon that occurs between nucleons in the primary conductor and balance is achieved with losses that include usage at the output.

The losses are consistent (having respect to efficiency) with the work being done, and the 'energy' return for those losses is either via atomic parity or via the same process as the return from radio transmissions. In the real world that happens in close to real time. However that is only for local 'energy' balance which allows the transformer or generator to actually work when it does draw power from the source. Electromagnetic mechanics is a seriously sophisticated issue which is beyond the scope of this book.

So local 'energy' return mechanics doesn't account for a great deal of the 'energy' generated: Then how does it get back to the source? Of course when we consider a fairly closed system whereby power is generated at say a power station and is transmitted across the country it might get finally used to mow a lawn with an electric lawn mower. Believe me the power involved in cutting the grass is transferred to chemical biological and earth return 'energy' functions that eventually make it back to the source.

The conservation of 'energy' is not necessarily speedy. Energies get stored and borrowed here and there to fill the gaps and long term defects are able to remain without violating the law. It rains back at the hydroelectric station--- Some of the rain was caused by the 'butterfly effect of the lawn being cut--- Some of the energy return loop is as simple as that!








The transfer of particles (including electrons) is not a necessary requirement for either virtual-force induced motion or the generation of power, however it DOES REQUIRE THEIR MOTION. So we have also concluded that virtual forces/energies do not consist of particles but they emanate from them--- and there exists some -phenomenologically unclear*- massive extensions of the force fields of significant quantities of magnetic and charge -including BI charge- particles.

*This leaves me open to the Lorentz force but not his other you know what!


We must conclude that Maxwell's electrostatic and magnetic fields are a fact except for the build velocities but they have an inverse square law decay and they are not descriptive of emr propagation. Such 'energy' fields are unable to be transferred across space as some sort of energy stress tensor which remains constant until it is affected by 'mass'. That doesn't happen in the emr case at all.

Therefore when relating Maxwell to the stress energy tensor we must conclude that the tensor has to be of a gravitational flavor and another electromagnetic tensor is required from somewhere for emr propagation.

When it comes down to it I have invisible dimensions and the relativists have invisible stress tensors and so it appears to be a stalemate. Wrong! G-theory is unifying while relativity cannot possibly achieve that; not in the least because some of the quantum forces only have reaches measurable in femtometers and many show no connection with any or all of the tress tensors which (among other problems not addressed here) then requires relativity to have dimensions as well--- and that promises unification??

Enter superstring theory and its variant M-theory. Some of my theoretical analysis is somewhat similar to those theories. However the differences are mainly in the non mathematical-virtual particle theory as well as G-theory's intuitive time and URF 'c' constancy with local light speed anisotropy. So because of that I predict that the unification so eagerly sought will turn on G-theory acceptance as a basic framework upon which to build.

The string theories have been out there for a long time and they have not been a waste of time. In fact they have been a necessary stepping stone to the progressive development of G-theory.






The conclusion is that biracial, SBF and coulombic charge as well as magnetism and electronic/protonic forces are really virtual fundamental forces that don't consist of particles but which are part of the particles permanent extended existence, and they operate under intractable cosmean law within the cosmo-universe (notably via the eos) and without which nothing could exist. The reach of far field 'forces' (force over  distance) is by way of the theorized phenomenology described elsewhere herein Note: This conclusion is supported by phonon activity retaining the ability to be actionable at cryogenic temperatures, were the eos is disabled as legally binding and weird things are able to occur.







The idea of virtual forces over a distance leaves virtual (spiritual col.) data transfer wide open as a possibility. The surface of our brains is convoluted. Is this to increase its surface area as an antenna for data transmission and reception, even involuntarily? This is rhetorical but a weighty question nevertheless. I know--- metaphisicism! However please consider that once the metaphysical and magical become explainable and legal they lose that tag and are from there on called science! The question on all our minds should be. Can my metaphysical theorizing fit with known scientific laws without mind games? Note: refer to the metaphisicism definition.

Where will the search for the theory of everything end?






Photons and gravitons are thought to be slightly (almost insignificantly) attracted towards electrons. This is because of a fundamental force attraction of a hithertofore unknown fundamental force which is non gravitational matter attraction force (MAF). This force arises from parasitic requirements of parity to fill quantum integers and sub quantum (gauge boson) sub integers and even possibly below. It is a general reflection of instantaneous statistically imbalanced vector forces exhibited by large bodies, especially stellar bodies because of their extreme volatility. As such it is still a force associated with matter. It can't move or be effective without the relative motion of matter.

Such forces are dimensionally constrained and usually only perturbative in nature. One such MAF is the attraction to particles that contain sub particles that another greater particle requires to form a different matter state such as a meson, being in a matter containment form that requires another particle to allow that containment form to ascend to a greater fundamental particle for parity or CTP symmetry purposes. It's a bit like a radio signal being sent out for local reception but the signal extends far beyond.

As you can see by studying the diagram of the electron; an electron is only one gluon and an anti neutrino away from theoretically forming a triune-baryon quark; and in so doing transforming into a higher level negatron type particle, which could almost be considered to be a 'protonium' nucleon.

However it also needs a quark lattice femtospace and a few other bosons including weak force bosons and SBF gluons to become a proper proton. However its greatest problem is--- it is still charge negative and its shape transformation will cause it to fly into the nucleus as (what could otherwise be considered to be either an electron-photon or an anti-proton). If there was a handy anti-neutrino and a micro black hole around it could possibly combine with a proton and undergo positive B decay into a neutron and we then have nucleosynthesis. Such phenomenology would only be thought to be possible in supernovas etc. and possibly in the LHC.


So it becomes the likely case that electrons have a slight bilateral perturbative affect on gravitons and especially photons. Such perturbation is singularly insufficient to affect the motion of any photon quantum or graviton in any measurable way. In fact the force on a graviton might be so insignificant that it approaches to the infinity of non existence. This is not so with photon quanta because they carry trillions more bosons than a graviton.

In that way photons are perceptively perturbed by the extreme electron density of large bodies while electrons and all sub particles with (spin) are slightly and almost insignificantly perturbed by gravitons. This can however account for observed anomalies in dipole moments. Note: The universal energy balance is realized because of the stupendous quantities of hyper velocity gravitons compared to a much smaller quantity of photons.

First of all we will analyze the graviton mechanics of both imparting and conserving spin in those other sub nucleon particles which then makes particle 'energy' relatable to GD and the 'energy' return loop.

The graphical representation of a graviton is very simplistic and the trion population is not shown and it is likely that they are still coupled as gluons, a coupling that becomes almost instantaneously undone as a graviton transits (encroaches on) a femtospace. The time involved is so short that physical gluon separation wouldn't occur except by chance and coincidental out of parity perturbative force effects whereby a graviton might lose one trion to the femtospace for parity purposes. Such a transfer would occur so close to instantaneously that in effect we could subjectively consider a trion to be 'wiped off' as the graviton passes through (into). The linear component of velocity loss in the graviton becomes transferred to the quark lattice and we thereby have the notion of graviton friction force. If no motion is transferred then the elastic weak force structure will become compressed and particles will be emitted out from there to conserve 'energy'.

Statistically, any two gravitons would have a fifty percent chance of having an odd number of trions. But because a graviton is able to have a surplus of two of the same sign trions, there is a twenty percent chance of having one of four different charge values plus zero net charge. This then allows a varying biracial perturbative affect to be applied to all fundamental particles with spin as various gravitons pass by the affected particle's perturbative dimension.

This is dimensionally subjugated behavior and it can only be the sheer volume of graviton traffic which is sufficient to re-supply trions and keep the particles in a constant state of excitement ('energy' as vibration or spin if you like), and which is some way proportional to gravity. The graviton loses velocity as 'energy' loss (according to the elsewhere theorized mechanics) caused by the positive perturbative affects supplied to the bosons which is then field extended to fermions, hadrons etc. This keeps the universal temperature state reasonably constant in any corner of the universe, and this has implications should there be any significant change in GD such as that which would be expected if there was an approaching a black hole.


In the unlikely case of a black hole arriving; all the available sub particles would vanish into the Q-L and the internal atomic temperature would approach BST even while the externally measurable temperature wouldn't even reflect that. That's because photonic and BBR emission would begin to be severely curtailed and completely cease at the event horizon and BBR would have been discontinued long before.

So we now have hold of one arm of the two armed beast that controls the universal temperature and balances 'energy'. I.e. the graviton (gravity).





Photons are slightly attracted by electrons and/or protons?? because they contain a vast quantity of bosons (gluons) which don't contribute to photon mass in the photos because they are not bound. However that attraction is perturbative and summative and it is possibly caused by the neutrino and anti neutrino  in the electron*, but it is a force which doesn't affect the speed of a photon (which is dimensionally strange to an electron) and it is able to pass right through.

*This would require a summative interlocutive attraction which declares a certain bent for photon bosons to be bound by gluons over the neutrino bonds seen in electrons. The gluons in the photons want to usurp the neutrinos. Such a force is infinitesimal but when a humongous density of electrons is involved such as in a large body the result is--- light bending.


What I initially thought was photon to proton attraction seemed to have no available mechanics to enable the phenomenon and so I searched further and recognized the neutrinos in an electron and the penny dropped. However I soon realized that both nucleons are arranged with neutrino bonds as well so the whole phenomenon might actually be fermionic and not just electronic or by QED. If we are able to observe lensing around a neutron star then the latter is the case. For now it doesn't really matter.

Photonic electron attraction is summative and very large bodies can put enough force on photons to cause them to switch tines, and in so doing they bend around the bodies. If they get close enough they will bend right into it.

Real world objects don't have enough electrons to have any realizable affect on light (except in the near field around holes and slits). Even the earth only bends light a slight amount which really only causes a little lensing to occur whereby we are able to observe stars that we otherwise couldn't see even if we had no atmosphere--- which severely amplifies observed lensing and is solely responsible for the lunar non verticality syndrome.

The solar tine shift bending affect is much greater than bending caused by slits. It likely won't cause an Einstein's ring for some virtual distant alien to observe but it does have implications for the successful measurement of distance to observed stars and galaxies. This I have already addressed. Note: Satellite ranging is utilized in the real astronomy. But are they really outside of the experiment?

It is therefore likely that the forces that photons react to at media horizons could be electronic and not protonic after all. The proton extreme near field perturbation might only take significant preeminence within the medium and via entanglement at the surface.

However that matters little for the phenomenology which has so far been addressed, except that it provides an exceptional mechanics for the photoelectric effect (especially when you consider the slight deflection of the electron beam) which personally I at first thought to be a little shallow in the theoretical department. However it was included in the relevant section and it seems to fit with the other theoretical assertations.

We can also recognize that light is the other arm of the transfer of 'energy' throughout the universe. Light is much delayed in comparison to gravity. We needed that to be the case to keep a universal equilibrium for the main 'goldilocks' phenomenon to remain realizable--- to enable our continued existence for the foreseeable future. Remember, if SBF becomes just two percent greater, the universe as we know it will be history. The knife-edge is that close! We are sailing close to the edge no matter how we tack to the wind of the current knowledge of our physics.










At the sight of this heading I imagine the echoing resonance of a million guffaws! However please humor me by following along with a short summation.

Firstly it must be understood that potential 'energy' is ALWAYS stored up by forces in tension. To enable this thinking you have to consider the idea that 'energy' is the result of historical motion, or the result of virtually massless sub particle matter perturbation at the fundamental level. No matter what; all 'energy' is mediated by force.

For lower generational particles less than nucleons, G mass doesn't enter into this picture because it is only a resultant force by graviton 'energy' transfer at the fundamental nucleonic level including (to a slight degree) electrons and perhaps more significantly for ac/deceleration, N mass through inertial force by AIR or PIR.

N-mass is not T-mass which includes the gravitational component. Not all particles are affected by gravity and not all relate to inertia in the classical sense. The resolution of this relationship can be found in the gravitational acceleration enigma and mass is weighted 0.980665 : 1 in favor of N-mass. G-mass is less, and T-mass includes the additional PIR resolved P-mass of particles which does relate quite firmly to spin energy. However this is perturbed gravitational energy also so the N-mass and the G-mass might be equal but those pesky little sub quantum particles just won't play ball when it comes to the classical realization of mass.

Notional static G mass of the higher generational particles at GD is the measure of the speed transition quantity of gravitons per unit nucleon volume. Note: Particles including hadrons only have maximum G mass if they have a true quark lattice and other particles such as a negatron and an electron that contain a non lattice baryon have infinitesimally less G mass. The static mass of such lone sub particles is by biracial perturbative phenomenology resulting in P mass as previously described in another chapter.

Furthermore we should by now understand that an 'energy' quantum equates by motion to a matter quantum; and 'energy' is the quantity of force particles traveling as matter with mass such that E=mv or traditionally for vibrating particles at 'rest' E=hf which has been correctly derived to be somewhat similar to E=mc2* because mass is actually the quantity value of the force particle's m and v being close to c2 as determined by the eos whose function has previously been described.

*Only near photonic (bosonic) quantum levels and at 25oc.


Sub-particle P mass affecting forces are realized as biracial-binding, bonding, magnetic, electrostatic, inertial forces and most conditionally NOT GRAVITY.

'Energy' is the resultant measure of the work done by matter through motion.

Changes in force, by force particle motion (whether through the arrival of new notional 'energy' conveying particles or not) always results in a proportional change in the motion of force particles either vibration-ally, spatially or both.

Temperature is the measure of an object's matter content (only measurable by emissions) but NOT it's mass. However temperature is only a partial measure of an object's summative Ep because a great deal of Ep is actually residing in the form of binding, bonding POTENTIAL ENERGY*, 'g' and form factors which are potentially waiting to instigate AIR induced N mass.

*Once again the leap to M-E equivalence is attractive. Refer to energy definition.


Increase in actual temperature is consistent with an increase of the vibrational amplitude of force particles by the addition of boson particle matter (photons etc) as Sp. In this way they are able to transfer more 'energy' by spatial vibrational motion but not as an increase in N mass by graviton transitions that don't perturb the Sp matter.

When compared to the BST our world can be regarded to exist in the universe at almost zero k. At such low temperatures matter density may erroneously be considered to be quite well related to mass. This is because most 'energy' is bound within nucleons in AMOs. However if you analyze unbound atoms, E=mc2 (although incorrect) becomes almost valid. Perhaps for fundamental particles E=hf+mv would be better??

Even at very high real world temperatures the major force relating to the greatest Ep component is nuclear strong binding force. However at extremely high temperatures and gravities the E=mc2 formula becomes significantly less accurate. In fact it only really works at zero k!

Real world forces are mainly rest state (Fp) and force in motion (Fk). Fk can result in the breaking of bonding and (to a lesser extent) binding forces (fission) and result in the transfer of large amounts of force particles by spatial motion as 'energy'.

These conclusions may of course require the building of a whole new mechanics of sub nucleon behavior which I have already laid the groundwork for. I suppose.

Apart from near field forces no virtual force or 'energy' is able to be transferred over any conceivable distance beyond the limits of inverse square law without the agency of multiplicity and its particle propagation laws.

Now the theory of everything that applies to the whole cosmo-universe is simply this: A static biracial force quantum moves as a matter quantum which results in an 'energy' quantum which can revert back to a force quantum while at all times remaining as matter. This is a circular event which occurs continuously and everywhere.

The (tongue in cheek) formula is therefore: Mq=Fq=Vq=... where q stands for quantum. Philosophically speaking this theory of everything states. I am; I go; I arrive--- therefore I am---


Who put the writing on the wall? Icehouse ---(flowers).