A model of the cosmea is able to be theorized with reference to noticeable nucleon patterns in atoms, which may exist as exactly the same pre universe cosmean form but still exist quite diversely in the universe. While cosmo-universal atoms may exhibit differing characteristics dependent upon energy states, multiplex vacuum statistics etc. the preexisting cosmea had no such problems. All of its matter was fully vacuum modified. It had no physical appearance whatsoever so we can't even imagine its status and we don't have to. Note: Wait for it! Some of this preexisting matter is theorized to be all around and through everything but in some universe matter more than others. We'll get to that shortly.

One model of universal nucleonic structure I have developed is depicted as an interconnected mass of quasi-crystalline cosmean 'blueprint' matter in icosahedral meta-periodic form, existing as interconnected tetrahedrals of praetoms in multiplex space*. This may have been in an arrangement of praetoms and anti-praetoms separated from each other with each quasi-symmetrical group of praetoms and anti praetoms sharing force particles (gluons)**. In this model the only particles are up and down quarks and dimensionally separated (biracial) anti-quarks, together with north and south magnetic monopoles (gamma-magnetons) and gluons, which are all significantly constitutive of the ingredients of gravitons and other bosons. Note: The original cosmean matter form was probably periodic (perhaps a face centered cubic form) but if you change it to universal matter with half of the praetoms becoming protons (which because they are constrained from being in direct contact with each other) then you would end up with an aperiodic matter form. This is theorized to be the basic construct of nuclei of all shapes and sizes, and evidences in support of this will be shown.

*---the vacuum. Logic decrees that this arrangement must continue infinitely like analyzing a fractal geometric form. We can ask: Where does it start and where does it end? But this is the point where logic becomes subjectively irrational, so as I previously stated you can't always trust logic especially if the cosmea is a fully vacuum invisible multiplex 'universe'). It may be of interest to note that many crystalline forms of higher order AMOs and molecular structures are cubic in tetrahedral or octahedral forms. Refer to CHAPTER 17--- Atomic DNA.

  **In the cosmea; gluons would have been the agent providing the bonding force equally with quarks and magnetons, (but not with equal force).



 The discovery of the existence of pentaquarks, as well as the phenomenon whereby such crystalline arrangements of atoms actually exist in our own universe may also lend this speculation of universal matter nuclear structure some credibility. This is due to the observed existence of aperiodic pentagonal formations which surprisingly occur when viewed in 'plan' within a volumetric space constructed from an icosahedral crystalline form and this strange and unexpected relationship of hexagonal and pentagonal forms is to be analyzed in a following section.

If you study the model you will find that perfect symmetry of biracial pairs can be achieved with adjoining cosmean pairs, internally arranged within each tetrahedron. An array of quads can also be envisioned but it's not so pretty! (However for the sake of simplicity I have used a 'quad' in this initial explanation. Calculating the arrangement and then rearrangement of aperiodic cosmean matter being converted to universal matter would be 'no mean feat'). Note: A scientist; Yamamoto Akiji has developed downloadable sophisticated computer programs to enable a three dimensional study of metaperiodic quasi-crystals. These crystals would be a higher order structure directly derived from the fundamental cosmean blueprint at the nuclear level. Specific elemental or molecular atomic matter would be required.

Now if an up quark has a biracial charge of + 2/3 and a down quark is -1/3 then the praetom has a net balanced integer charge of +1 and the interlocking anti praetom has a net integer charge of -1. This is because the praetom 'quad' can be seen to have; 12 up quarks and 6 down quarks while the opposite is the case for the anti-praetoms. So in the cosmea the number of up and down quarks and the number of gamma-magnetons of each pole are summative to an equal number of any kinds, consistent with the up/down quark pairs. I.e. 24 Quarks per praetom object and multiples of 16 magnetons of two different signs.

Now the most amazing thing about this is that this means that each pair can be determined to derive a beta neutron or be exactly broken up into cosmo-universal matter of 8 protons with three quarks (simplistically) each with an even number of opposite magnetons. This happens to be the exact number of quarks thought to exist in a normal atomic nucleon*. So it is possible for a 'praetom pair' in this case to form 4 protons and 4 neutrons. Note: Electrons are there of course but not considered.

*This cannot be taken to be proof of such.


From this you can also deduce that a praetom is able to be formed into protons with 2 up quarks and 1 down quark, while an anti praetom is the precursor to alpha neutrons with 1 up quark and 2 downs.

The idea of a multi-dimensional cosmean aperiodic crystalline configuration is theorized by the existence of similar material in our own 'backyard' which appears to exist in at least three dimensions as described by R.M.   de Wolf, and van Aalst, in 1972.

However convincing that model may appear though, appearances can be deceptive, so after much deliberation I am tending to think that a better fit model (which once more unfortunately; appears to contravene typical sub quantum level theory) is that the cosmea may have actually consisted of cosmean beta neutrons in a perfect matter-antimatter zero sum arrangement as tetrahedrons, and this cannot be simply carried over to universal matter as a fully filled matrix model for conventional nucleons (which was the attractive case in the previous model), for reasons that will be presented at length. The previous postulation would declare that the universe is currently losing energy due to anti-matter 'evaporation' so in that case; immediately the latter postulation becomes more feasible.

The face centered cubic form is also a complete filling form which however also doesn't meet the requirements of nuclear characteristics. So in light of that, any sort of aperiodic or 'gappy' filling matrix becomes more attractive. This appeared to be a reasonable starting point for the development of the fitting theory that I will be presenting.

 Regardless of the make up of the cosmea. Something happened that shattered its equilibrium, (which in human terms was on a massive and universal scale). At the instant of the event the first praetom/anti-praetom mass would likely have been shattered into irregular sized pieces, many perhaps even exhibiting grain displacement flaws and striations, but most would have displayed a total breakup to a cloud of decaying nucleons (beta neutrons at first) and a stupendous quantity into fundamental particles and BBR.

A universally vast web of this pre-matter would have taken all manner of chaotic and informal shapes and densities. Perhaps magnetars are left over chunks of cosmean pre-matter which are even now (in skew time) undergoing beta negative decay. Just hope they don't do it all at once or aim the gamma rays in our direction, because I for one consider myself to be allergic to gamma rays.

Note: It may be that magnetars are delaying the entropific result of the laws of thermodynamics in that they are contributing energy input to the universe over time. Or at least they have been in the past. Like a cosmic fireplace. Nice!

It was only when these pre-matter clouds, pieces and even massive sized chunks collided (in the multi-dimensional manner I have previously described), did they lose energy, and in so doing found that their new and paradoxically hotter particles where being stressed by internal forces, and (as occurs in nature, such as in the formation of a bubble) they mostly became round. At the micro scale particles quickly became attracted together with other bosons, quarks and nucleons, electrons etc. in their vicinity to become atoms by nucleon-synthesis. Many beta neutrons underwent decay and became protons and electrons. At the universal scale, black holes began to 'suck up' everything they could at very high speed at first but very soon after (as per what we can historically observe now) at a very much reduced rate.

Why some new pre-protons threw off a particle with a dipole and a net negative charge (electron) is unclear but I suspect it had something to do with the meta-periodic symmetry of the cosmean mass which caused charge asymmetry in the universal state by the breakdown of quarks to release neutrinos*, whereby they could only be reestablished by such pre-protonic actions called positive and negative decay. The quantum loop became impossible and the cosmean matter could never be reformed in the new cosmo-universe.

This is what caused the arrival of electrons on the scene. This fortunate happenstance enabled them to form bonds with other newly formed atoms. Of course this was very fortunate for the survival of the new universe because the remaining neutrons would have entropied into total decay if they didn't pair quickly with a proton.

*By caveat: The proposed sub-particle of particles including quarks which may or may not allow color charge quanta.


In areas of space the cosmean material was shattered into a Quark-gluon plasma cloud (which was the most common result foreseeable at extremely high temperatures). When they cooled and recombined with gravitons and other bosons to become nucleons as protons by nucleon-synthesis some were able to take the intermediate and likely step to reform as atoms with only one nucleon and one electron. Note: Nucleon-synthesis refers specifically to praetom into nucleon transformation phenomenology. Nucleosynthesis is the formation of greater nuclei by fusion.

This occurred under the massive initial assault of gravitons so stupendous quantities of 1H hydrogen isotopes were formed and were thrust together by the soon derived massive GD envisaged at the time (which would have been phenomenal in the early universe), into greater and lesser stars. This happened in as many places as there were sufficiently dense clouds of hydrogen in the universe at that time. Note: There would have been plenty of free electrons around to attach to deuteron as well.

It is obvious that much of this new universal matter would have been so dilute that gravity 'is' even now (in skew time) still bringing some clouds of hydrogen and other matter together to form new stars. However it is theorized that much of the energy/matter in the universe has already vanished into black holes and the cosmo/universe and we humans then, are now living on the currently balanced 'see-saw' of energy divergence.

The neutron-proton imbalance in the universe requires that many sub particles must have formed through complete pre-proton degeneration to cosmean and gamma particles as well as simply forming protons with electrons. This is probably a direct result of some neutrons being held captive in the gravitos simply because of their quark SBF arrangement relationship with protons while the lone proton was more affected by other dimensions at the extreme temperatures existing at the time. Even at this very moment in real time, bits and pieces of atoms are being streamed into the universe from stars etc. E.g. Solar wind.


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