A selection of phenomenon which don't require quantum mechanics or relativity as taught by your professors.

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thesis teaser extract 1 ---QUANTUM STATE STATISTICS:   According to G-theory there are five multiplex states which are common to all fermions (in particular) but there are four remaining multiplex states that only apply to nuclei. In singular consideration of electrons there are four possible known quantum states other than any proposed interactive multiplex states which are as follows...

(1) Principal quantum number state

(2) Azimuth state

(3) Magnetic quantum number state

(4) Spin state.

(5) The spectrographic parity state. This is caused by an interaction with nuclear multiplex states via the factors and this will be addressed.

The first two relate to the shell and shell position respectively which leaves the next two to provide enough difference to meet the PEP requirements for all the possible fillings required for the periodic table. That doesn't provide enough permutations so another variable is brought into the mix; I.e. Z axis preference 'ms'. That would have seemed to be enough until the Hydrogen fine structure was analyzed so relativity was brought to the rescue. How can G-theory overcome such a daunting problem?

thesis teaser extract 2 --- Along with the quantum numbers the(se) eight combinations of dipole and spin alone are able to account for the fine structure of hydrogen without dubious relativistic explanations---

--- For example: If the n1 fundamental q-number is included as only requiring an electron of any state; then when shifting shells to the n2 and n3 numbers, just the four proposed spin states allows the hydrogen fine structure to be realizable *(e.g. 2p 1/2, 3p 1/2 3p1/3, 2p3/2, 3p3/2, 3d3/2, 3d5/2 ---that's three q-numbers and four spin states or two spin states and two moments). So if Z-axis preference is ruled out, then we still have two spin states and two magnetic moment state combinations which can still provide four different relative states so 'ms' is not required in the hydrogen case---

Sorry: If the shell information doesn't come out as expected on this website. It does in the paper.

Thesis teaser extract 3 ---



Under the current paradigm of gravity; imagine the force on the center atom of the earth. Well by G-theory a similar squeezing force of about 6e11N/kg is acting on every single nucleon of the earth as well as your body but with an insignificant force differential of 10N/kg (weight affect). The force across each nucleon is the same but the vector sum is not. Imagine if gravity was taken away: The idea that you might end up looking something like a puffer fish is putting it mildly. Floating up from the ground would be the least of your worries. The diastatic effect on your body would be double the unistatic affect you would experience upon finding yourself suddenly transported right next to a black hole.

From this we are able to draw the conclusion that gravity is a surprisingly powerful force which accounts for about 99.9% of the force that holds nucleons bound in atomic nuclei. It is this Mg inertial mass that accounts for most of the difference between a proton and electron mass.

On another subject: The Lorentz transformation and the relativities could be considered to be mathematical gobbledygook based on the constancy of 'c' in and between all reference frames. It is truly astounding mathematics from equally astounding minds but the problems still remain, and science has finally fallen into the trap of declaring the mathematics to be the mechanics as in wave particle duality theory with symmetry making and breaking -of the wave function of photons along the time continuum- as the source of energy, mass and matter. Show me a quantum loop and I'm your man! The acceptance of this sort of stuff as real science should never be the case: Empiricism and substantive mechanics should rule.

Relativity has been crying out for any substantive reality to which it is able to be applicable. Here it is! But 'c' is only considered to be a constant relative to the reference frame of the universe. To other reference frames it has changed. There goes the Lorentz transformation/invariance. G-relativity in the geodesic form in cahoots with Einstein's field equations is still useful for the mathematical representation of gravity.

Don't get me wrong. The emission velocity of 'c' from an atom anywhere in the universe is pretty much the same. The problem comes when things get moving, and this enigma I have aggressively addressed.

The difference between technology and science is that the first requires a result that works or it's back to the 'drawing board', while science can become moribund in a mathematics that almost seems to work because science doesn't have an economic product to sell. So in that case scientists just sell themselves (their souls?) and continue on while receiving massive pay checks with fading and suspicion bound promises of a final solution trailing in their wake. Wait until the public finds out that the LHC is probably the greatest single- entity contributor to greenhouse gases or nuclear waste on the face of the earth. Do I feel duty bound to inform them?

Lots of folks thought that mad scientists at CERN were going to send us all into oblivion in a black hole. Don't worry; that won't happen but the mad scientists are going to use a slower process called climate change by the looks of it. That's if you actually believe that to be the greatest threat facing mankind. I don't think many of those self same scientists actually believe in that at all!

Having done all I can to deconstruct and reconstruct the physics; I guess it's time to present a unifying theory for the known forces of gravity, SBF, Coulombic charge and EWF/ electromagnetism. Note: there are arguments as to which are the real forces and how many there are. I won't address that because until at such times as we can get all the data such as the physical sizes of nuclear quark lattices and nucleons per se we can't even expect to be able to generate a true equation.

However I suspect that something along the lines of the gravitational equation featured elsewhere in this thesis will be the likely contender. Having said all that; I still promote the following theory of unified fields.

First find that the magnetic fields of fermions/hadrons is as described herein and that the quark lattice which is held bound to the gravitational femptospace is as proposed also.

Now enter the theory of the pion connected EWF Higg's superstruct as the connection which transfers out the quark lattice biracial color forces as described.

If all of that has been well theorized then there should be a plausible road leading to field unification or the theory is debunkable.






We have convincingly shown that gravitational force is probably the strongest force which holds nucleons together in the structural form being proposed as well. This unknown fact is one of the reasons why the standard model can't provide a UFT.

We have shown that -in G-theory- gravitational and other inertial effects are faithfully transferred elastically via the EWF construct to the SBF junctions and visa versa. However the gravitational effects are exclusively derived and exhibited in the QL femtospace inside the quark lattice.

This shows a direct and binding connection between gravity and the SBF via the elastic EWF. Therefore a binding connection between those three has been established. Note: excuse the pun.

The coulombic charge force proceeds from* and is directly connected to that quark lattice which inelastically holds the femtospace and its intimate connection with gravity via the nuclear graviton 'sea'** and that connection has now been established.

The EWF force appears to be weak but it is a balanced force and as such it allows the SBF to exhibit a very narrow band of effectiveness. If its pions and combinations fly apart we see the -ve, +ve and neutral coulombic charges of which each of three EWF constructs consist.

Electromagnetism is only loosely connected via Marjorana junction perturbative effects. This means that whilst the full magnetic dipole moment of the nuclear dipoles is presented to space similar to the full charge field. -both according to their individual attenuation statistics- The actual value of those charges which are attributable to the EWF construct is low; and that is what has already been concluded in the standard model.

This means that any direct connection of causality between gravity and either electro- or straight magnetism is not possible and any theory of gravitomagnetism is not supported by the evidence.

So even though there is no direct connection between the magnetic dipole and gravity or the SBF force junction. There is a strong connection via the electron orbitals within functional matter via the G-factor and also for the charge field via the form factor. So both of those equations are able to be fitted to any new unified field equation, and that is close to hand. Note: See, I leave the hard stuff to you guys.

*Charge and magnetism don't emanate or flow. They move with their relevant field producing particles only. Refer to thesis.

**Some refer to these as sea gluons floating around in the Fermi- Dirac sea. G-theory refers to that in a more defined sense as the -GD density relative- 'graviton repository' existing within every nucleonic femtospace.






G-theory provides a definitive UFT but at the moment a useful equation isn't yet forthcoming.


Having said that: There are some constants and principles which appear to be quite pertinent.

Planck's constant

Dirac's fine constant

Bonney's gravitational energy loss constant 'z' (G-theory)

The N-metric gravitational equation.

---and more.







Now that I've got your attention; In future I will be referring to wave function as VM multiplex states.



Multiplex states don't exist in the external space. They only exist where biracial particles exist and are variously bound together on branes at Marjorana junctions.

These states are determined by combinations of the traditional quantum states with extra VM states. The vacuum becomes modified in accordance with entanglement statistics which are produced by variations in atomic nucleus shell filling statistics.

The vacuum per se exists outside of atoms but the modified entanglements travel with particles which are roaming free and we observe particles in the vacuum which have modified entanglement statistics. For instances two pions bound by a Higg's Zo boson within a nucleus' nucleon. Will have different dimensional statistics when removed from the atom and that will change further over time leading to more decay/annihilation. This is why particles decay/annihilate because the entanglement is soon lost due to cosmean (really eos) law.

Now because of this we can expect variations in the nuclear space filling parameters to result in protons -in particular- having variable and proportional predictable interactability with various dimensions.

The amazing thing here is: If a proton has no statistical interactability with any given dimension then any particle existing in that dimension or brane will be unable to bond with or collide with a particular portion of that proton's matter content.

For example: The statistical relationship for all nucleons with the gravitos dimension is zero except for the femptospace, where graviton collision statistics rule so gravitons pass through every other particle of matter without any hindrance or perturbation.

None of the dimensions are infinite except for 1/ the cosmea; which is external to all matter except for femptospaces and black holes. 2/ the eos which is external to every nucleons' EWF Higg's superstruct and which operates within a temperature window which is wide enough for all universal activities.

The cosmea does little else but facilitate gravity transfer with all deference given to the gravitos and photos including propagation speed. Whereas its cosmic relative the eos is an instantaneous but volatile energy-matter- data transfer dimension. Note: the speed of light and gravity are not constants in a vacuum. They are only constants under the same statistical environmental conditions. The two speeds are co-dependant but generally constant for all intents and purposes except perhaps when determining the age of the universe. We could call them 'steady state' constants.

The eos and cosmea both recognize nil spatial size within their spheres of operation. A speck is as good as a million light years. If the eos needed to it would send some annihilation products from here to Betelgeuse for purposes of parity. However that sort of distance is never required because most particles are available closer to hand.

Entanglement will extend the distance over which the eos will operate. If entanglement of two particles can be kept and the particles separated over any distance; the VM states will remain the same until annihilation eventually occurs. Because of entanglements, annihilation products do not always turn out the same.

There is some serious disarray and non predictive behaviour going on there. Yes annihilation statistics are generally predictable but with random surprises if the conditions are not kept to be the same. For instance a couple of particles might decay back into the vacuum but the eos will remove those particles to 'somewhere' and return some often unexpected particles of matter back after a fleeting moment of time. Unexpected matter forms they may be but the momenta will always be the same relative to the temperature and other VM states.

The eos fills all the gaps between every single Marjorana junction. The nothing's perfect law must apply and I'm sure there are some collisions.

In your standard wave-function-symmetry-collapse-space-time artistic drivel theories. Everything is supposed to align with some Laplacian perfection of space time where every photon only exists because of the existence of the collapsing space time at 'c' in the right direction.

Mental brain functions are supposed to occur ditto by utilizing some kind of mental photons I guess.

However when it comes to the mind in G-theory there is no room for the transmission of mental energy by waves at all. OMG and I thought I had a brainwave! LMAO. However having said that; I can't disallow the capacity for the brain to chemically induce changed VM states -and hence entanglement statistics- over an infinitely large and simultaneously small vacuum of space. Mmmm, might be able to send telepathic messages after all--- or pray I guess LOL.

Perhaps the other mental brain functions can be put to good use to answer some of these curly behaviours by wave function etc phenomena. Mmm.

Those mathematical theories are really just an algorithm away from being virtual reality on a computer screen. Oh sorry they already are--- Just check out you tube. When virtual reality ever becomes reality I'll believe those artistic theories but not until then!