What is happening to our world? Have we gone wrong?  If so; where did we go wrong? --- and can we even save our Earth?

Russell K Bonney 2013


Theories of origins and alternative physics abound. I couldn't care whether the universe is made of mathematics or whether relativity is relative or not or even if SUSY has the goods. We just need the answer and we need to know it's the truth!

Being right for its own sake shouldn't be the driver of new science. Getting it right gives better predictability of outcomes and that is what science needs going forward. Such true knowledge can not only prevent the wastage of resources but may even prevent 'mad scientists' from fiddling with stuff they should leave well alone. Sure; the black hole which may have enveloped us if the LHC had been misjudged would have been a tragically silent non-sequiter with no one left to blame!

Those scientists didn't really know yet they arrogantly continued with an experiment which threatened the rest of us. Granted the risk was small but it was there because the only reason for the experiment was because they do have the wrong paradigms.

On a more mundane level; what if stellar -and of course solar- fusion was caused by gravity as I suggest. Then the billions of dollars being spent on nuclear fusion power research could be spent on real science. That is a prime example of how a faulty paradigm leads to errors in expectations. It should be evident to all and sundry that nuclear fusion being caused by the typically expected processes is a non starter.

Of course experimentation is the answer to paradigm lock and in such a case it could lead to fusion by other means. So yes; such blind experimentation is part of the scientific method and it often has acceptable outcomes but it is still very inefficient and there still remain the dangers and the lack of predictability of outcomes to drive truly exiting new technologies going forward--- new advancements which aren't just scrapings from the bottom of the electrodynamics barrel. Yes we've split the atom but is there anything else left to split? ---and after that?

Even  while you're hunting around on you tube it doesn't take long for you to tire of same old theoretical physics offerings and fall for the temptation to turn aside from those normal 'party-line... how everything works' videos and set off to explore other perhaps more titillating aspects of science and even subjects that stretch the bounds of reason. Why does traditional science seem to actually promise such things as time travel and worm-holes and in so doing simultaneously shove your head down some rabbit hole into a false 'Alice's wonderland' and do who knows what to the bit that's left hanging out!?

Why don't we forestall any humiliating outcomes; pull our heads back out for a while, and instead of doing that, let's take a trip away from wonderland into an actual 'fantasyland' and see what's to be found there: Imagine this---

Once upon a time, in days of yore, (droll huh?) there were two parallel universes. In the beginning they were both exactly the same. There used to be no difference at all. Life 'appeared' in exactly the same way and at the same time. It was after things got humming of course that comparisons began to change and that was primarily because the living beings could 'think' and make choices that were different and chaos theory was realized. So because of the power of this wilful thought--- the futures of the two universes began to take divergent paths.

Notwithstanding that however, the early life forms and the nascent human civilizations were much the same and there wasn't too much difference until a few hundred years ago when the two parallel Earth's civilizations in particular began to differ to a marked degree indeed. The two civilizations as well as their technologies became vastly and very noticeably different.

You and I have just had that beamed into our minds and we're now both just sitting there; silently contemplating such a troubling scenario, when all of a sudden a wild and whacky looking machine sporting a big smiley face and a hop aboard sign suddenly appears in front of us, and being the intrepid curiosity seekers we are, with more than a hint of derring-do we do just that, only to find ourselves whisked over to the Other-Earth world in a puff of smoke and a vanishing flash.

Well here we are. It all looks a bit different and apart from needing a stiff drink we're hoping for some answers out of this but what a shock we get when we move around and investigate a bit further. By being nosy parkers and sneaking a look around inside the first house and garage we come across by peering through its windows; it seems at first that these people don't use cars or phones or computers or TVs at all. They appear to be really backward.

However after observing the general 'hood' for a while you notice that they do seem to have a few cars after all but they must be just for show because they seem to drive around empty all by themselves. But soon you notice that people do indeed get aboard and then they really appear to be more like driver-less taxis as do their weird wingless and soundless aircraft cousins that you now see flitting around more prolifically in the sky above.

 Above! WTF! That is once you've looked up and noticed them landing and taking off from a city just floating there up in the sky above your head. Wow! That's pretty weird but you soon see the reason why they might have built it up there in the sky in the first place. Obviously it's because they could! And apart from a few obviously industrial factories and some utility housing below, the land down here is mostly fertile farmland as far as the eye can see with luscious crops of all descriptions, and wow! You just then notice that it's raining right under the city. How do they get rain to come in from miles away and then turn and rain on the crops like that without a sprinkler in sight?

You can't help but notice the healthy bird life simply by its presence -there is no other sound apart from bees buzzing around- and to add to the sound of a healthy ecosystem there are butterflies (flutterbys?) fluttering by like a scene right out of some fairy tale. The bees are even stopping and pollinating flowers as you watch- amazing! -and the air smells so vibrantly fresh. ---a big gulp of it and you hyperventilate and almost pass out, but once recovered you turn back to gaze at that city in the sky--- but, what? How did they manage to pull that stunt off? It's just floating up there without any visible means of support. Just like yourself back on Earth LOL.

Of course you ask the first person you meet about all this and the citizen of Other-Earth eyes you both off rather suspiciously when you speak out so loud and announce where you're from, but he explains by mental telepathy anyway. The wingless plane thingies work by anti-gravity as do the cities; and all the cars and aircraft, (everything for that matter) are simply controlled by thought and quantum computers. Even though the citizens appear to be silent they all do speak to each other but they deal and communicate over any distance through diverse and specialized mind links regardless of where they might be in the universe at any given time. They do have a life though and they can boogie to music and watch full realism 3d TV just by thought downloads. Don't you have that on your Earth? ---you know- with 'just as if you were there' type realism? What you don't! We even have virtual travel where you can meet and picnic with your family and friends at any given selected virtual place even though everyone is in a special cubicle at various locations around the world and universe. We have get togethers and think tanks all the time.

The citizen then took time out from bragging and started to complain that it was a bit too expensive for a lot of folks but then we could understand that only too well so we commiserated with him a bit but soon he held up a staying hand and went on to explain some more when we pointed out some other differences.

"There are no power poles or other cables or antennas cluttering up the place, no windmills or solar panels. There is no pollution here". He went on a bit and we soon realized that everything they have is powered by gravity. They don't time travel or use warp drives and neither do they dare go near black holes or search for wormholes. They have colonized and mined the nearer star systems by utilizing gravity speed drives and protection technologies. It was after explaining this that the guy paused for a moment looking at us strangely, and then his eyes twinkled as he spoke.

"He said to bring you up.   "    He nodded and then announced.

"   Who did?     you ask, glancing about for a newcomer; but then you realize with some chagrin that he was just engaged on a telepathic call.

"   It's a scientist fried of mine; she want's to meet you both.   " He informs us.

To cut a long story short we go and meet the scientist where we find the solution as to why our worlds are so different.

Apparently it turns out that as we were advancing in the sciences some of the renowned scientists on Real Earth made some tiny but profound errors of assumption that sent our science down the wrong path. So we ended up fantasizing impossible fantasies and followed erroneous theories such as evolution and relativity and these put roadblocks in the way of our advancement.

In comparison, the New-Earthians didn't entertain any idea that they were evolving, and by so doing they realized that it was up to themselves as a people to make the advances necessary to survive, because they understood that time was not on their side at all. They also recognized that people were far more than just lumps of meat made out of chemicals and neurons. They also considered that because they were actually made out of the 'dust of the earth' that the 'breath of life' was somehow entwined with the earth and its atmosphere, so they took extra care to find energy sources and technologies that wouldn't disrupt the visible and invisible rhythms and fine balances of the earth and life.

It turns out that they considered themselves as kind of living breathing quantum machines regulated by a universal computer and by way of another comparison the scientists of the Other-Earth had not heeded ridiculous theories and been led astray by other magical ideas such as quantum mechanics, mathematical gravity, wave function and mass energy equivalence at all. They had still developed many quite similar technologies as they progressed but many more were beyond description and they were all VM quantum controlled and far more advanced than anything we have on Real Earth.

No they had never heard of the atomic bomb or nuclear power. The scientist new of the existence of such things but they had no need of such dangerous and lowly technology. Nobody had told them there was a speed limit in their universe. Nobody told them that gravity was a very weak force that was made out of mathematics. They quickly realized that matter was particles that we somehow refer to as mass/energy but quite differently in that to them the matter wasn't related to the mass and it wasn't constituted as energy waves either.

These scientists of this other world discovered that the particles of matter were actually quantum bits and they figured out how to tap into the universe's computer without upsetting its jurisprudence. They also realized that gravity was an extremely powerful squeezing force that held everything together and that so called weight was just a resultant differential force from some slight shadowing effect of the earth. Knowing this they zeroed in with a great deal of scientific energy to find a way to tap into such an amazing and universal power source.

Of course by not believing in some fairy story called evolution and in subsequently realizing that their minds and spirits were connected to the mainframe as well; this meant they weren't just lumps of physical stuff after all and neither were they mathematical wave functions! On top of that they soon figured that not all things could be explained by reason and the classical physics of the early days. Because of such enlightenment they were able to make leaps and bounds in the areas of human behaviour and acquired a common acquiescence to true civilization.

Yes they still had some crime and wars to contend with but they didn't end up destroying their world's financial system with quantum economics either and neither did their politicians hold the world ransom to a global warming myth when by some sad irony mankind was actually perpetrating far more dangerous and unseen damage to the earth and its shells of protection than burning fossil fuels. "That was just a smokescreen to make you all look the other way", we were gently informed. The Other-Earthians had no need to hide the truth; they weren't going about killing (not only themselves) but other animals like fish, birds and bees by foolishly interfering with the electrodynamics of their whole terra system. They were warning us by now.

They had spread enlightenment early without interference from skeptics and dark age purveyors of atheistic rationalism and now they all pretty much agreed and held a deep religious connection to the creator-programmer-controller who as strange as it might seem they referred to as God. Can you believe that? They warned us that the very scientists who were warning of greenhouse gasses were themselves running a machine which was the single most energy sapping, CO2 gas producing machine on our planet--- the Large Hadron Collider!

Whether you can believe that or not, we've come back down to earth and here we are to report:

Yes there are an infinite number of such parallel realities to be had in fantasyland but you should get my drift. So what is this quantum 'bit' stuff? I’ll try and explain but I want you all to know that I've actually been there; and I've come back with the true science, or as much as I remember. The Other-Earthian scientists told me they didn't think it was too late; and that we could still make progress but we were going to be forever behind the curve. Or perhaps not! It was up to us.

So let me fill you in on some details: We all know what light is of course. It's as plain as day; and the twinkle of an eye; but the latter might be more profound than you might think. It's likely we know what radio waves are but we usually give them no mind at all whenever we watch some TV or send a text. Ditto electricity, we just enjoy the coffee.

Often it's the very things we demean by such deference, that turn out to have a potential for both good and evil which belies their usual appreciation of being the mundane. The little understood nature of these phenomena is that they don't work by magic just for our benefit. Apart from realizing the obvious, if we study them more closely we will find that all of those phenomena transfer matter in confined packets of elemental particles at a defined speed over affectable paths which are otherwise geometrically straight, by operating under the laws of 'efficiency' and conservation.

The takeaway here is that light, emr and electricity are transferring data and energy which consists of particles of matter and not waves; and they transfer these particles over their individualized pathways or what we might call dimensions. A physical pathway like an electrical conductor is easy to understand, but there are other pathways such as the ones that emr and light travel that I call dimensions.

The evidence leads to the recognition of the existence of more dimensions than just those two. The particles moving in the dimensions end up transferring wave energy 'sort of' by becoming energized at one end and transmitted to reform back into energy waves at the other end. Don't worry; the particles can return by different pathways which are also typically unrecognized, demeaned or ignored.

Take quantum matter; say a boson in a different dimension. These things have been seen to just disappear and appear from nowhere. It seems that a quantum matter particle can be transmitted instantaneously via a quantum dimension to who knows where and back again to a nearby location in the extreme near field but now returning as matter of a different form. That is quantum data folks. We know that such a highway exists because of a phenomenon called quantum entanglement. There is another highway too. And another, and another---

I won't go into the details of that right here but suffice it to say that the quantum dimension and the cosmos contain no perception of time and space, and their full operation is controlled by cosmean laws. Our bodies and in fact all atomic matter have a cosmean femtospace within every nucleon of every atom within every cell. Don't be worried about that; there are an innumerable quantity of these non threatening femtospaces that don't relate to the universal space in the same way we do in the macro sense but they do relate to the universal quantum computer. Our body and brain cells contain this connection.

Apart from the cosmea; another parallel quantum dimension (a pathway I call the eos for want of a better name) has a media surface connection to other less dense atomic media. Such media horizons also include the surfaces of nucleons. The eos is limited to actions within an unknown temperature window which is limited at some point below a couple of hundred degrees k out to many billions of degrees in the upward limit. That means that it operates and keeps control by quantum jurisprudence in our world as well as the whole universe.

The dimension of the cosmos (I call the cosmea) has no such limitations and paradoxically it exists as huge macro entities as well as exceedingly small micro entities that reside within the quark lattices of every single atomic matter object in the universe. Whenever the eos is 'sent out of town' by the arrival of extremely high temperatures say inside a hyper nova, all of the individual femtospaces of nucleons are then forced to combine together upon the destruction of such vast quantities of atomic matter and they subsequently form one of those humongous macro cosmean spaces which we usually refer to as black holes. (Black holes only have size because of the way they interact with the universe around them.) We wouldn't know it by normal reasoning but both of these dimensions act instantaneously even though the data transfers appear not to. One is limited to the extreme near field and the other is not but they are connected in very unique ways.

Can I draw any parallels here between the instantaneity of action and 'the speed of thought'? Now in arriving at 'profound' without getting religious about this; consider that the very neurons and brain cells have a deep connection with the cosmea via the said femtospaces. This connection is defined to be via the electroweak force and the strong binding force in atomic matter. The laws of the cosmea are responsible for the generation and near field emission of electrodynamic phenomena such as light and radio emissions as well as the eos quantum instantaneous matter particle/data transmissions/receptions.

Is it beyond the realm of imagination that one day some human programmed quantum computer may be able to exact some control on such phenomena and make inroads into areas of targeted instantaneous thought transmission and reception? Perhaps also being extended to targeted mind over matter; to what degree I cannot tell. How about the instantaneous transmission of mental images with a degree of realism which might be best left up to the imagination.

Tele-transportation of matter is already being carried out by nature at the level of the extremely small and whether we realize it or not, at this very moment we are actually even making technological use of that phenomenon to trade and operate in that transportation system to transport action and matter in one place to action and matter of a different kind in another place and even at different times.

By way of a low level analogy; a coal miner puts action into digging out some coal which is transported to a power station, and you know the rest. So we trade for that matter transfer to turn an electric drill say and dig matter out of another kind of hole. Two actions; one transported with intelligent transference of action from one place to another action in another place. Of course we also typically use it to transport data and images which strangely enough also causes one action to promote another action and this time in many cases the actions being transported are mental and or spiritual, albeit with an electro-mechanical interface at each end.

What is the difference if in this different case some engineer gets up and goes to work and puts in mental energy (remember that term 'mental energy') to create an image that lets you expend mental energy and spiritual enjoyment in playing a computer game? Here we are, already transporting and transmuting matter and 'mental energy' and now communicating with eye twinkles: think about it, there is a transfer of emotion. Is this all just a rudimentary prelude to a greater sophistication in the control of and the end products of such quantum processes? Would we then be guilty of trying to mimic God?

That depends: God has already allowed us to mimic him to some extent in almost all areas of human progress in the past, so why should he stop now. The important thing is to never forget our place, and as we should in all things, be careful and use our God given brains. Work tirelessly around that connection with our world and not against it.

It is a common failing of men to consider their technological achievements with an overabundance of pride as if the human race has an elite group verging on godhood at its core, and that the exhibited science and its vast array of wondrous technologies seem to be the pinnacle of achievement beyond which significant advancement seems unlikely. Such centralized thought control is for agenda driven management of the status quo and never will be an efficient vehicle to move the paradigm. This is a problem which is able to be overcome by those who dare to imagine the impossible and do it themselves, or those who inspire others. The pen is more powerful than the sword but the internet 'rocks'.

There are always the other type of person to look out for, who latch onto anything with potential; seeking diabolical ends with such technology; towards the destruction and control of other men. We as a race are always having a battle with this kind of technological abuse but in the main, the power brokers and political hacks get put in their place and common sense can prevail. Then of course we are only left with that paradoxical giant--- money; which by its wielding often supports and paradoxically prevents technological advancement at the same time.

With all of these stumbling blocks to contend with; so long as we inch our way forward in the right direction and keep in mind the altruism of a creator who wants us to share in his creation, then we will keep moving forward for as long as the universe and mankind exist.  I won't even mention gravity and the technological potential it might hold, it's just another of the energy pathways and yes it works by particle transmission and reception/transition. Nor will I mention catalysed nuclear fusion energy. Oh sorry I did!

Now I have just mentioned matter as particles but it must be recognized that waves do play an important function in correlating the quantum functions of the particles within atomic matter and some other particles. Science has confused the two phenomena or at the least has failed to recognize the delineations such as that contained in the idea that electromagnetic fields are almost instantaneously acting waves and emr radiation is the propagation of particles which are able to transfer the wave energy to different locations. For the most part, while travelling in between atomic-matter-objects the emr actually exhibits no waves at all. The particles are being beamed in packets.

A scientist by the name of Nikola Tesla experimented with electrostatic/magnetic waves, and modern military science has taken that a step further (HAARP project) to be now experimenting with emr particle transmissions with predictably different results. They should take more care of science they don't understand perhaps!? This is because it could be that the whole energy of the universe including the earth is fundamentally tied to waves and particle beams. Did you know that because of this relationship, 'pi' comes out in true energy equations? This is simply because 'pi' has a solid mathematical relationship with sine waves and in other phenomenon, quantum fields are spherical in nature.

The Other-earthian scientists warned us about fiddling with the waves and frequencies of life and the earth. "  Get clean energy from outside the earth and conserve your nest. To do that you will need to change the way you think," they told me. "You need to realize the--- What do you call it? We call it the spiritual nature of man and his connection to the controller God and his incredible quantum computer program. Life, thought, spirit and deed are all connected. Ignore any one of them at your own peril."    

Mathematics is not a pure discipline. It relies on equations which in turn rely on concepts. So mathematics is held captive to concepts. In this regard we are able to recognize that physics is a philosophical science which may well be wrong in some of its major tenets. Many of you have begun to suspect that you are being duped.

This doesn't mean that there is a lot wrong with physics and that there is a grand conspiracy by the 'Illuminate' or some elitist intelligentsia. There has been some of that in the past, but now those ideas which have become firmly ensconced in the science are being passed down through the education system. Education is supposed to release the power of ability, not to turn out click-pasted copies of falsehoods.

It now stands that physics is driven by philosophical attitudes and we will always be steered by such powerful rudders of the mind. Wrong ideas lead to wrong results, so any paradigm shift in physics will never come about by the presentation of theories; it will only come about by a paradigm shift in the hearts and minds of individuals first.

In this thesis I come close to broaching into the waters of a dyadic philosophy. It stands to reason that no matter how 'physical' we wish our universe to be--- it could well be that the apparently 'concrete' nature of our universe comes up against the disallowance of true epiphenomenalism simply because of the fact that we think.

Argue that as you will; but I leave you with the question. Is the 'twinkle in your eye' a quantum phenomenon or a spiritual one? Perhaps it all just chemistry--- Will you still have the same opinion after studying this thesis, I wonder?

"Each small candle lights a corner of the dark."    Roger Waters

For a physics assessment of that which you have just read refer to Infinity and wave function in the vacuum.